Seminars by Dr. M. James Sawyer

The Sacred Saga Team offers the following seminars.  Contact us to book a seminar for your church or group

  • How We Got the Bible

    Contemporary attacks on the Bible from the culturally popular Da Vinci Code, to the more serious academic attacks from the Jesus Seminar and from former evangelical Bart Ehrman have changed the nature of the attacks on Christianity by attempting to cut the historical foundations out from under the Scriptures. While sincere Christians hold to the Bible as the very Word of God we often have little understanding of how it came to us. This lack of knowledge means that we and thus have no answers for those question the historical reliability of the Bible. This seminar looks particularly at the origin of the New Testament, the development of the canon, the preservation of the manuscripts and the translation of the Scriptures into English, showing the accuracy and reliability of the Bible we have today.

  • Theology & Science: Adversaries or Allies?

    • Is Science an enemy of Christianity?
    • Why did Science arise and flourish and take root initially only in a culture with a Judeo-Christian worldview?
    • How did the warfare between Science and Christian theology arise?

    How should Christians view the pronouncements of Science? Science has become a tool of the new generation of militant atheists like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchins and Sam Harris for a frontal attack on religion in general and Christianity in particular. Under withering attack Bible believing Christians have tended to withdraw from public engagement with detractors, reassert the truth encapsulated in the Reformation dictum “Sola Scriptura,” and adopt attitudes toward science and its pronouncements ranging from skepticism to hostility.

    In this seminar we explore the books of the Sacred Saga from the perspective of the revelation that has been given by God in both creation and in the scriptures, focusing particularly on the rise of modern science out of a biblical worldview and the relationship between the disciplines of theology and science as science has developed in recent centuries.

    We insist that since God is the author of all truth that it is improper to pit the Bible against that which is discovered in general revelation. As a matter of faith we assert that there can be no final conflict between the two realms. We present a unified method for approaching both books of God’s revelation (nature and Scripture) that is in harmony with historic Christian orthodoxy and does justice to the nature of the object of study.

  • Why Can't We Just Get Together?

    Why are there so many different versions of Christianity, all claiming to be biblical? Where did they all come from? How are we to decide which one is right? This seminar traces development of the Sacred Saga that Christ has written through his Church from a theological perspective, surveying the variety of Christian traditions and their relationship to one another.

  • I Will Build My Church: The Birth & Growth of Christianity

    What happened to the church after the close of the New Testament? How did Christianity go from being a persecuted sect with its adherents being executed as enemies of the Roman Empire, to becoming the official religion of the empire and spreading throughout Europe and Asia in first millennium? This seminar traces development of the Sacred Saga that Christ has written through his Church as it was planted and grew in the ancient and medieval world.

  • To The Ends of the Earth: The Global Spread of the Gospel

    How did Christianity change from being primarily a European faith to becoming the largest religion in the world? This seminar traces development of the Sacred Saga that Christ is writing through his Church as it has spread around the globe since the time of the Reformation

  • Reinventing Jesus?

    From the Jesus Seminar to the Da Vinci Code and beyond challenges to the Church's historic understanding of Jesus abound in popular culture.  This seminar looks at the historical foundations for the person of Jesus Chirst and the evidence for the Church's understanding for its Lord. Based upon the book Reinventing Jesus co-authored by M. James Sawyer, Daniel B. Wallace and Ed Komoszewski, we look at topics ranging the oral transmission of the gospel accounts for at least three decades before they were written, the coping of the manuscripts and the formation of the canon of scripture, the development of the Church's understanding of the person of Christ as well as suggestions that Jesus is parallel to the pagan myths that see virgin births and resurrections of their gods.